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SBK 15 Official Mobile Game iOS Developer Interview With Digital Tales Gaming

We recently came across a unique game titled SBK 15 Official Mobile Game that was launched on iOS platform and got in touch with the developers of this fun game. Here is our interview with the developers Digital Tales Gaming where we get an in-depth glimpse at this game and some interesting aspects of game development:

[FR]  Fabio Respighi

Game Designer

[AT]  Alessandra Tomasina

Marketing Manager

Tell us a bit about your game and what was it that inspired you to make this game?

[FR]  We have always been into racing: Digital Tales had already developed a mobile game based on the Ducati license and, even before that, most of the team members had previously developed racing games on PC and consoles. When we acquired the Superbike World Championship license in 2013, the idea of an official mobile racing game based on it came quite naturally.
SBK15 - Official Mobile Game
SBK15 - Official Mobile Game

Naming a game is almost always one of the most difficult tasks since that’s what people identify it with. Was this name the first choice for the name? If not then what were some other options you were looking at?

[FR]  In our case, naming the game was not so difficult: we knew the title was to make it clear that the game was based on the official SBK license and, more specifically, the 2015 Championship season, which led us to SBK14 Official Mobile Game, SBK15 Official Mobile Game and SBK16 Official Mobile Game.

The artwork of this game is simply gorgeous. What sort of thought process went behind that?

[FR]  This is a realistic racing game, so we tried to reproduce all the official riders, bikes and tracks of the Championship as faithfully as possible.

What was the major challenge in developing this game?

[FR]  The major challenge in developing SBK Official Mobile Game was to achieve a fun racing experience on mobile devices, by making the motorbikes’ performance as life-like as possible while embracing an arcade approach to racing.

Any in-game secrets that could be easter eggs for players to discover?

[AT]  Not really: since we have to comply with strict brand guidelines, we cannot stray too far from the reality of the sport, although we try to make game modes as varied as possible and to introduce new features from time to time.

Will there be any addition or exciting new updates for the game in the near future?

[AT]  Yes, definitely! Seasonal updates have been released yearly, since the original launch of the game in 2014, but we’re about to announce some new exciting plans for the SBK franchise: suffice it to say that, starting from the end of this year, motorbike racing fans will get more than just one official SBK game for their mobile devices and Digital Tales will be experimenting with a new genre… I cannot be more specific for the time being, since an official announcement is coming for Gamescom later in August!

How much time did it take to get this game developed and what can players expect in updates for this game?

[AT]  The development of the original game, SBK14, took around 8 months, but it was actually built on the foundations of our proprietary engine, so it wasn’t created from scratch. We have been expanding and improving the game for 3 years since then and we’re currently shifting to a new third-party engine, Unity, so our production pipeline is gradually being changed.

What are your future plans as a game developer?

[AT]  We plan to further expand the SBK franchise and become the top developer of motorbike racing games on mobile. From there, the path to world domination will be a short one! All joking aside, we are also playing around with Virtual Reality (the SBK Official Mobile Game was actually released on Samsung Gear VR and Daydream last year) and we’re developing an action-adventure game on PC and consoles, named Bookbound Brigade.

How long have you been developing games and what is the most enjoyable aspect of game development according to you?

[AT]  Digital Tales has been developing games for over 10 years. The most enjoyable aspect of game development is probably the mix and match of skills and professional figures required in the business: a development team is generally made up of people from the most disparate backgrounds – artists, programmers, writers, musicians, project managers, marketers etc. – and they must all work together in order to make a good game, which is easier said than done but is so rewarding when it actually works out!

How many people worked on the development of this game and any interesting dev stories?

[AT]  The team constantly changes size depending on the production stage, but we usually have an average of 5 to 8 people working on a single project at any given time.  That’s not bad for a game totaling over 40 million downloads and is probably our most surprising dev story ever!

What are your personal favourite games?

[FR]  As a Game Designer, I must play any kind of game!

[AT]  I prefer role-playing, turn-based strategy and story-driven adventure games.

Any message for our readers?

[FR]  You can download SBK Official Mobile Game on the App Store and on Google Play. We’ll see you on the track!

AppStore Download:

SBK15 - Official Mobile Game
SBK15 - Official Mobile Game
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot
  • SBK15 - Official Mobile Game Screenshot

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