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Cat Quest iOS Developer Interview With Desmond Wong

We recently came across a unique game titled ‘Cat Quest’ that was launched on iOS platform and got in touch with the developers of this fun game. Here is our interview with Desmond Wong, where we get an in-depth glimpse at this game and some interesting aspects of game development:

Tell us a bit about your game and what was it that inspired you to make this game?

Naming a game is almost always one of the most difficult tasks since that’s what people identify it with. Was this name the first choice for the name? If not then what were some other options you were looking at?

It was actually the first option we came up with, but we came up with a ton of others too. In the end, we settled on ‘Cat Quest’ because we felt it was the easiest to remember and described the game most succinctly.

The artwork of this game is simply gorgeous. What sort of thought process went behind that?

We wanted it to feel like you’re walking on a hand drawn map. To do that, we opted to place the names of towns and places on the map itself, along with all the sketch lines one would find on maps.

What was the major challenge in developing this game?

Getting to the final idea was the toughest one. We went through so many iterations that it was getting quite worrisome at one point. After that point, it was just regular game development(which by itself is already a major challenge!).

Any in-game secrets that could be easter eggs for players to discover?

Tons! We recommend going south from where you start. You might find something very surprising.

Will there be any addition or exciting new updates for the game in the near future?

Not for Cat Quest….but that’s because we’re working on the sequel!

How much time did it take to get this game developed and what can players expect in updates for this game?

Not counting the long prototyping process described earlier, it took us 11 months of production.

What are your future plans as a game developer?

To continue building on the Cat Quest brand, and create a sustainable business.

How long have you been developing games and what is the most enjoyable aspect of game development according to you?

Personally, I’ve been in this for more than 10 years at this point, and the most enjoyable thing has always been seeing others enjoy your game.

How many people worked on the development of this game and any interesting dev stories?

Three of us worked on Cat Quest, and I guess the most interesting story was how we thought Cat Quest wouldn’t make it. Thankfully, we were very wrong. 🙂

What are your personal favourite games?

Metal Gear Solid, Witcher 3 and any of the Elder Scrolls. Not in that order.

Any message for our readers?

Keep gaming, love what you do, and keep being you.

Also, download Cat Quest and check out the trailer for the sequel here:

AppStore Download:

Cat Quest
Cat Quest
Price: $4.99
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